Oh, Hey. Roommates. Cool.
January 17, 2008, 9:06 pm
Filed under: Stop Eating My Peanut Butter

Whew. That was a well needed hiatus.

Ok, so it was only two days, and nobody even noticed we were gone. Point is, we’re back. And we’ve got ourselves some roommates. Yep. Apartment 718 is a three-bed, 1 bath now. (We share a toilet. What?) This sudden, unexpected twist to our once comfy living quarters means two things — new writers and the ability to refer to ourselves as we! Three days ago, I was an I. Now I’m a we. Awesome.

Anyway, while the 718’s main focus is sports, new writers means we get to branch out and explore other areas of limited expertise. No word on what those other categories will be, but if more people plan on living in this apartment, the least they can do is pay their rent in the form of amusing blog posts. We don’t ask much of our tenants.

Over the next few days, the other roomies will get a proper introduction. Not tonight, though. Tonight is reserved for drinking, fighting and snorting coke off the nipples of midget strippers.


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