Countdown: 8 Days… Till The Most Anticlimactic Game Of The Year
January 26, 2008, 4:40 pm
Filed under: NFL Playoffs, Parties Where People Pass Out Drunk, Super Bowl XLII

No other sport’s final game presents more hype and promise than the Super Bowl. No other sport draws the abnormally high price per ticket, television ad or strip club entry fee than the NFL’s championship game. But no other sport disappoints on such a consistent basis.

When you think about it, that’s probably the reason for the million and a half stories leading up to the 8 hours of redundant pre-game analysis. We needn’t hear about this. There’s no need to subject us to this. And certainly, if we never heard about this again, it might just be alright with us. But you just can’t avoid these types of things this week, this time each year. (And if you’ve figured a way to do so without hiding away in a meat locker for 14 days, feel free to pass on the info.)

And well, if ya’ can’t beat ’em…

So apartment 718 will be waking up early on Sunday morning (we have a softball game), taking you through the days events and stories, and hopefully providing you a little relief from the tired, boring garbage you’ll be subjected to from now until then.

Check back all week and join us on Super Bowl Sunday as we get drunk and try to type funny stuff.


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