Vote Or Umm… Dont?
January 30, 2008, 8:33 pm
Filed under: I Party With Smoot Is Hot, Vote For Me Bitches

With all the craziness going around Duan (She’s no longer an abbreviation, but a name, to me) these days surrounding the Deadspin Commenter Bracket, I thought I should start doing a little campaigning. Afterall, with the half naked pictures some of the commenters are putting up, how’s a guy to compete?

I know. Post my own.

Now don’t let this sway your vote or anything, but uhh… check out I Party With Smoot at his hottest:

I Party With Timberlake

I Party With Pitt

And for those that like their chocolate dark…

How Does It Smoot?

I Party With Guys Who Try And Kill Themselves By Overdosing On Meds And Cry About Quarterbacks


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Heh. I’d already voted for you, but these are making me consider finding another computer to do it again!

Comment by Becky_MI

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