The Ultimate Sandwich Search: Who’s Got Balls?
December 9, 2008, 10:39 pm
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meatball_subDriving home from work today, having eaten nothing since 8 in the morning, I got the craving for a mouthwatering meatball sub. Normally, when I get an urge as strong as this, I don’t hesitate to satisfy it, but something stopped me. Where the hell was I going to find a good meatball sub in Miami?

In highschool, there was only one place that had a remotely respectable meatball sub, and that was Miami Subs. How sad is it that the best Italian food I could find in high school was from a place with cartoon flamingos and a drive-thru window? The problem is, no real Italian restaurant serves subs. You can only find them at 2nd tier Italian places like Mario the Baker and Steve’s Pizza; neither of which, I particularly care for. But this did get me thinking.

I have particular restaurants I go to for Chinese food, pizza, a cheeseburger, etc., etc. There’s something comforting about knowing that there’s a specific place that makes a specific food, specifically the way you like it. I just haven’t found that place when it comes to a meatball sub.

That said, sometime next week, I’ll be setting out on a journey to find the greatest meatball sub in South Florida. I’ll try a bunch of subs from a bunch of different places, let you know how each of them ranked, and crown one lucky restaurant, Best Balls in Miami. Hopefully, in a few weeks, I’ll have myself the perfect meatball sub. And heartburn.

If you have any places you think I should check out, send me an email or leave a suggestion in the comments.


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Firehouse Subs, for sure. I like their Italian or Hook and Ladder better, but as far as meatball subs go, it’s a really good one.

Comment by TattooedMess(iah)


Comment by GUF

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