An Open Letter to Reebok’s Customer Service


This letter was originally going to be sent to Reebok via email. It appears, however, that their complaint center only accepts messages of 500 characters. That, my friends, was not going to be enough to voice my displeasure. Here, is my full letter. (Reebok, if you’re reading this, my second complaint is that your 500 character limit is a fucking joke.)

Dear Reebok,

I recently purchased your 3-pc. Curl Bar Set from Target. After opening the product, I realized it needed some assembly. No problem, seeing as how I’m a perfectly capable 27-year old man in relatively good health. It was 2 halves of the bar, with a hole in the middle and a small metal peg to connect the two sides. Nothing all that complicated.

Until you actually try and connect said pieces. You see, the peg doesn’t fit in the hole. Why one would include a peg that doesn’t actually fit the product is beyond me, but I pressed on. I looked it up on the internet and found a bunch of other people with the same problem. They recommended using vice grips, hammers, pancakes and hot sausages from the local McDonald’s. I opted to go the hammer route. Unfortunately, in the process of trying to jam that magnificently stubborn peg into the hole, the peg got jammed at a bad angle.

At that point, I threw the hammer on the couch and went to McDonald’s for the pancakes and sausages. When I got back and finished breakfast, I tried, unsuccessfully, for 15 minutes to get the peg out of the bar. When I finally did, the peg was warped.

I am no quitter, though. Armed now with 2 bar halves, a warped metal peg and the power of McDonald’s breakfast, I went back to work. After another 35 minutes of hammering, sweating, grunting and scaring my neighbors, I had a full curl bar, with a correctly placed peg.

Of course, because of all the hammering and prying and advanced construction work I had to perform to complete the task of putting this simple bar together, it wobbled and felt like it was going to fall apart anytime I lifted it.

Needless to say, it is now in the garbage.

I never write companies for faulty or shoddy equipment. It’s usually my belief that a company puts its products through a multitude of tests and experiments before they actually hit the market. This curl bar, I imagine, is the exception. Originally, when I purchased this product, it was with the idea that I would be using it get a workout. I didn’t, however, expect the majority of that workout to come in the hour and a half it took me to put it together.

My wallet is now $20 lighter, my arms are now 20% stronger and I, myself, am exhausted. I suppose I should have known what to expect from a piece of equipment that cost less than a DVD, but for some reason, I assumed a product brandished with the name Reebok would be of a respectable quality. My mistake.

While I don’t expect any sort of compensation or any form of apology, I just thought I’d write to let you know how one of your consumers feels.

And also to thank you for the awesome workout I accidentally received from your product’s assembly.

Apartment 718


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I believe that the workout achieved is not from the actual use of this product, but rather the assembly of it.

Comment by D

As the Female Smoot, you must believe me when I say that I am deeply saddened that Reebok’s product sucks and the only thing you curled was a Mcdonalds sausage. That being said, there is a reason their complaint center only accepts 500 characters or less.

Nothing but love,
Female Smoot

Comment by Female Smoot

Cute. Real cute. You can expect a 750 word email about that crack by the time I get outta work today.

Comment by Adam Smoot

you have issues

Comment by michael

I’m having the same issue here. Tried to hammer, and plier the little stinking connecter down and in to no avail. Really dissapointed.

Comment by Amber

Dude, all you need is a hammer.. I just purchased this reebok curl bar and saw that the pin obviously wouldn’t fit without force. Think about it.. if it did, then the pin would easily slide right back out. So, I used a hammer to pund that sucker in there.

Comment by devin

I used vice grips to squeeze one end of the pin together to make it a little more narrow and was able to get it in far enough to hammer it straight through to the other side. I was pretty frustrated that it was a little more intuitive.

Comment by little j

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