The Subway Business Model (Part I): Addition by Subtraction FAIL
January 27, 2009, 8:58 am
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I try to be understanding when it comes to the economy. Businesses are out to make a buck, after all, and they should do everything within reason to improve their profits. The key to that sentence is the phrase, within reason, though. Subway, apparently does not understand what that means. Here, let me help them.

Go ahead and read that sign again. Notice anything peculiar?

6″ SUB

So, let me get this straight. I can get a sandwich with bread at the regular price, or I can get a sandwich, without bread, for $2 more. Who, exactly, did the math on that? I understand that Subway employees are only trained to do something one way, step by step, and that altering traditional protocol, in any manner, can have disastrous effects on the outcome of their product, but that is, in no way, a $2 predicament.

To Subway Sandwich Artists: It’s very simple, really. Just make my sandwich the exact way you would, normally… only, when you reach behind you for the bread, don’t grab any. Instead, grab one of those cheap plastic bowls. Problem solved. In fact, let me make this even easier on you guys. Make my sandwich exactly the way you would if I didn’t make some crazy request like, “no bread.” Wrap it the way you typically would, charge me the regular price and I’ll take it home and dump the contents out into one of my own bowls, thus saving me $2 and allowing me to feed the ducks.


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the salad comes with four times the amount of veggies that is supposed to go on the six inch. you get the same amount of meat and cheese as a six inch but your basically paying for more veggies. which is odd especially since they do not charge when you ask for extra veggies on a sandwich, i think the idea was that only so much fits on the sandwich, but much more fits in that salad bowl.

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