This Is Not A Good Look
February 2, 2009, 10:31 pm
Filed under: Corporate America, Fashion Advice


Society’s insistence on the shirt and tie combination is astonishing in its ridiculousness.

As a graphic artist, I’m grateful for a number of things that other working individuals may take for granted. I have constant access to the internet and I’m allowed to listen to music, because it keeps the creativity flowing. At least, that’s the reason most graphic artists tend to give, when, what they really mean is, “It allows me to tune out the idiot in the next cubicle over.” But the one aspect, above all others, that makes being an artist so inherently awesome, is the option to wear jeans and a t-shirt. And not just on Friday. Every single day of the year.

I laugh at the poor souls in the adjacent building, who, day after day, file into their office in dress pants and a tie that doesn’t even come close to matching their shirt. They look miserable. And, well, they should be.

I’m not entirely sure why a suit constitutes dignity and power in the workplace, anyway. I suppose it’s because that’s just how it was back in the day, but is that really a legitimate reason to continue doing something? By that logic, football would have no pass plays, planes would all look like this and my razor wouldn’t come equipped with 82 blades. I don’t care what anyone else may say, but I cannot shave with anything less than 82 blades.

We do this all the time, in society, though. We’re always afraid of change until change actually happens. Then we freak out for a while, until one day we eventually come to accept the change for what it is. Ninety-nine percent of the time, change works out for the better. The other one percent is Crystal Pepsi.

A shirt and tie giving the appearance of professionalism is as antiquated an idea as I’ve ever heard. Seriously, how many people do their best work when there’s a colorful noose wrapped around their neck? You want to know how much it sucks to wear a suit? Think about every wedding/bar mitzvah/black-tie affair you’ve ever been to. Even before the night is over, your sleeves are rolled up, the top two buttons on your shirt are undone, and your tie is around your forehead. Now, that might have a little to do with the constant flow of alcohol, but you’re missing the point.

People hate getting dressed up, so what would make any relatively intelligent executive think that his/her employees would be at their most productive states while constantly tugging at their collars?

My solution: everyone should go to work in their pajamas.

Ok, it may need a little work, but it’s still better than a shirt and tie.