Bad Idea #105
February 16, 2009, 12:53 am
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The human race is filled with morons.

I’ve finally come to accept this simple truth, because I realize there’s nothing we can do about it. Stupid people will continue to breed with other stupid people and produce little stupid people. It’s the circle of life. But even stupid people aren’t dumb enough to have their wedding on Valentine’s Day.

Or so I thought.

Two of my friends were at weddings this weekend… on Valentine’s Day. Why would you do that to yourself? It’s not just that you’re inconveniencing folks who would like to be spending that particular day with their own significant other, but you’re also screwing yourself in the long run. As a guy, it’s hard enough to come up with something special for your anniversary. More often than not, you have to set reminders on your phone, computer and microwave just to remember which day it is. Now, assuming you don’t forget about it, you have to try and land a reservation at an especially nice restaurant on the one day of the year that every other pussy-whipped man is trying to do the exact same thing. (Myself included.)

And lets say you do manage to get that elusive reservation. Great. Now you’re just as thoughtful as the 47 other men in that one dining establishment. (And the 47,000 men in the surrounding areas.) The only difference is that they aren’t also celebrating their anniversary. So, unless you manage to get the chef to build you a life-sized cheese wedge replicating the day you met your wife, you just come off as a slacker husband who did the bare minimum.

Nice job setting yourself up for the lose-lose situation.

This is precisely the reason I’m planning my wedding on the same day as my cat’s death. A woman can’t be mad at a man for forgetting his own anniversary when he’s spent the first 6 hours of the day mourning the loss of his precious Fluffy.


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It’s stupid on her part too. On Valentine’s day it’s a given that she has a nice day/night and is showered with the best her guy has to offer. It’s also a given that the same needs to be done on the anniversary. You could have had 2 weekends where you are spoiled with everything under the sun and you say “Nah, let’s just make it one weekend.” In fact, you decide to make it the one day where you won’t be able to get as much for you money, so you could’ve had a more incredible anniversary if you picked a different day. Also, isn’t you day a lot less special when EVERYONE around you is having the same exact special day… except they have another day during the year to celebrate their relationship, and well… you don’t. So the groom is an idiot for the reasons Smoot stated and the bride is equally as brain dead as her husband. Marriage win or marriage fail? You decide.

Comment by Female Smoot

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