Dennis Bunnicelli Delivers the Rhymes
February 27, 2009, 1:34 am
Filed under: Dennis Bunnicelli, Must Be Friday

It’s Friday and you know what that means–another video from our pal Dennis Bunnicelli.

Recently, 50 Cent had beef with Rick Ross. (That sentence sounded ridiculous when I read that aloud, by the way.) I’m not really sure why there was beef. Or who had the beef first. Honestly, I wasn’t even sure these two were still rapping. Whatever. All I know is that it’s caused Dennis Bunnicelli to throw his own rap into the mix.

Be sure to wear neutral gang colors while watching this video.

Next week, I show off my new camera, unveil Phase II of my Shaq experiment and go one-on-one with Dennis Bunnicelli in the most gripping interview since whatever the last most gripping interview was.

Enjoy your weekend.


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i lasted 1 minute and 2 seconds into that rap video… no idea how I even lasted that long

Comment by Female Smoot

33 seconds. 33 torturous seconds.

Comment by TattooedMess(iah)

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