Operation: Please Shaq Acknowledge My Existence (Phase II)
March 3, 2009, 10:36 pm
Filed under: Attention Whoring, Shaq, Social Experiments, Twitter


Last week, I unleashed Phase I of Operation: Please Shaq Acknowledge My Existence (See: above). It was, for lack of a better term, a complete and total failure. Shaq never made that logo his Twitter icon, nor did he even see it. A total of four people took a gander at my artwork that day, and I’m pretty sure I was at least two of those.

Well, Tuesday I was supposed to unveil Phase II of my elaborate plan to get Shaq to invite me to sit courtside at American Airlines Arena Wednesday night. (Or something to that effect.) Unfortunately, I’ve been stuck working late the past few days and haven’t had a chance to release my second Shaq masterpiece to the masses. And since it looks like that won’t be changing anytime soon, I’d like to change the name of this mission to…

Operation: Seriously Shaq Just Offer Me Some Tickets For Fucks Sake, You Already Played “Touch Me” In a Mall, What Are You Michael Jackson?

Thank you. That is all.


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The name alone gets a golf clap.

Also, I viewed your artwork so there’s still a chance that…aww fuck it, I’m not gonna get your hopes up. Your best bet is to wear a shirt with your twitter name on it and camp outside the arena.

Comment by TattooedMess(iah)

Please don’t give him any ideas…

Comment by Female Smoot

From Shaq’s Twitter, earlier today:

“I’m n the mia on the beach whoever touches me gets 2 ticket u have 30 min”

Go ahead. Ask me where I was when I saw that…
(More on this later.)

Comment by Adam Smoot

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