Operation: Please Shaq Acknowledge My Existence (The Results)
March 4, 2009, 11:32 pm
Filed under: Attention Whoring, Shaq, Social Experiments, Twitter

What were you doing around two o’clock this afternoon?

I was in a car with two other people, on our way out of the office, headed to lunch. Since I wasn’t driving and the conversation was kind of boring, I glanced down at my phone to briefly check Twitter and saw the most obnoxious Tweet imaginable:


Had I checked before I stepped into the other person’s car, I would’ve had enough time to take my own car to South Beach and find a large black man with a scary beard. But, because I was five minutes slow on my Twittering, I was, instead, en route to the food court at the mall, where there was zero percent chance that anybody was giving out free tickets to the Heat game. Don’t worry. Not like I was waiting for something like this for a week already. How is my luck so unbelievably terrible?

Whatever. Secretly, I like to think Shaq only played this game because he saw what I wrote, didn’t think it was enough, and was trying to force me to earn the tickets. Or he just really likes random people touching him. Either way…

Operation: Please Shaq Acknowledge My Existence… FAILURE.


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Maybe they’ll meet again in the playoffs and you can get some even better tickets from him.

And then maybe candy will start raining from the sky and we’ll all have millions in our bank accounts.

Ugh, the Heat are incredibly frustrating.

Comment by TattooedMess(iah)

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