T.O., Ludacris and Sophia Bush. Just Another Friday with Dennis Bunnicelli
March 5, 2009, 11:55 pm
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A few weeks ago, the world seventeen people who read this blog were exposed to the wonderful world of Dennis Bunnicelli. Since then, he’s been a Friday fixture around these parts, as I like to give you all a little entertainment before a hectic weekend of strippers and hangovers.

But really, who is Dennis Bunnicelli?

I had a chance to talk to the man behind the camera, recently, and find out a little about him. (We’re Facebook friends and all.) Turns out, his mom moved him to South Florida when he was a kid, to help him escape the rough streets of Brooklyn. So, like, the Fresh Prince of Boca Raton. He’s going to school right now while working as a manager at the Dollar Tree, but that doesn’t stop him from kicking some YouTube ass and taking time out to answer a few of my questions.

After the jump, Thug Kige tells you why he does what he does, what he hopes to become and how a famous rapper helped him score some ass.

Before the jump, your weekly news update. This time, some NFL news. NA-NANA-NA-NANA!

(Interview done via email, so um, yea, [sic] away…)

718: What made you start producing your own YouTube videos? Have you always wanted to do stuff like this, or is this more a product of the YouTube Age we live in, where everyone just wants their 30-seconds of fame?

DB: I wanted to do you tube videos to showcase my sketch comedy and the only reason I talk about the news is to get traffic on my page, but i started to pay attention to what was going on and really started to enjoy speaking my mind so I do that as well as doing some skits.

718: I happened to stumble upon your video discussing Michael Phelps’ interview with Dan Le Batard, which in turn, brought me to your YouTube channel, where I found the rest of your work. It’s pretty extensive, and you don’t just give your opinions; you also have skits you perform. Do you remember the first thing you ever posted to YouTube? And now that you’ve done so many videos, how would you rate your first performance, on a scale of 1-10?

DB: Kool-aid with alot of ice was my first one when it comes to skits i say an 8 or 9 when i give my opinions on things or people I say a 7 or 8 sometimes I don’t do my best. I feel I am getting better each time tho.

718: Which video are you most proud of? The one that, if Comedy Central called you up and wanted to see your best work, you’d send them that particular link.

DB: Well I have had some videos taken done that were Chappelle like but i would some them my short commercials or the Young Jeezy I Mow Lawns, but I have ideas I have been working on the Comedy Central or MTV would be interested in.

718: Personally, my favorite video is your Top 10 Women I Would/Wouldn’t Bang (shown above). But I’m seriously concerned about your taste in the ladies. You chose Selma Hayek over Jessica Biel, Carrie Underwood and Elisha Cuthbert, among others. You also put Beyonce on your wouldn’t list. Please tell me that’s a typo.

Also, Sophia Bush and a reference to One Tree Hill? I think I might have to revoke your man-card. Please explain yourself…

DB: Sophia Bush is going to be my wife one day some of those women on the I wouldn’t bang list i would really bang (laughs) but i have a valid reason for Beyonce think about how crazy she is about being independent?

718: Kige Ramsey used to shoot his videos in Wal Mart. It was part of what made him special, I guess. You shoot a few of your videos in a room with a ton of boxes behind you. Where the hell is that? And where do you generally shoot most of your other videos?

DB: Funny you ask (laughs) that was my stock room at Dollar Tree the rest is where ever I am at that time it doesn’t take long to express my opinion and the some following I have wants a video everyday if possible so I give it to them.

718: It takes a lot of balls to do what you do and put yourself out there for the world to judge. Not everyone has the nicest things to say, and while criticism can be a helpful tool, the YouTube comments section can be an especially brutal place. What was the worst thing you’ve ever read about yourself and how did it affect you?

DB: Nothing that people say affects me but one time someone left a comment on a video I did about the school shooting in Finland stating that they wanted to copy the killer and he was a hero. The person also said he was practicing to do the same thing so I called the cops and they traced it to Sweden and made an arrest. Too bad you tube took down his comment so you can’t see it. I made the news that would be the worst but as far as what people say about me I could care less. You won’t find any of them on the camera.

718: Wait, wait, wait. So, technically you’re a hero. Have you ever used that story to pick up girls?

DB: No I Don’t I really don’t brag about it because that’s not me. I just hope the lives I may have saved make something with their life.

718: And to the other extreme, what was one thing you read in the comments section that made you think, “Yea, this is cool. People really appreciate what I’m trying to do here.”

DB: I have had a few comment of people saying nice things like nbboi and bigdaddieslim just too name a few people telling me to keep it up they watch me over the news so I am happy i might not be on thousads of computers yet but the small group I have I wouldn’t trade it for anything.

718: Wade Boggs used to eat chicken before every single game. Do you have anything you do to get yourself pumped on days when you film? Any rituals? Take us through a typical day of filming for Dennis Bunnicelli.

DB: When it comes to the news I just watch and see what people want to hear, what they look up, or a story that will touch them. this can take up to an hour to find. Then i think of what to say which for me comes real quick then i film it which my take 3 or four times and then i am done. As far as the skits we have a blast the crew and I we come up with what we feel is funny and we spend time messing around with the material doing it different ways too see what we like the best. All in all most of my videos don’t take long so there is really nothing to it as boring as that my be.

718: How big of a crew do you have? Isn’t it just, like, a camera and a tripod?

DB: Nope I have a camera girl and a camera guy sometimes I do film myself but I do have two other guys for my skits that act or write with me so there are five of us right now.

718: Ok, now it’s time for a serious question… You can bring any celebrity to the club with you as your wingman. Who ya got? (Remember: If he’s too hot, he’ll wind up getting all your girls. If he’s too ugly, girls will run away. Choose wisely.)

DB: I would bring Ludacris because we hung out before and he actually got me laid true story.

718: Wait. What? You know you’re not getting off that easy. Story, please.

DB: Ha Ha (laughing) I was at a Ludacris concert at FAU and he had a booty contest where he picked 10 girls to go on stage. He picked a girl I went to the show with a white girl with ghetto booty. Well she made it to the last round but lost to a fat girl who had 40 people up front cheering her on. After that as she was getting off the stage Ludacris came over to her and invited her and the people she came with to the hotel. When we got there he was aking me about the girl I was like look we cool but nothing with us hook me up with some botty you can have her plus I made him laugh so he hooked me up it was like trading spouses.

718: What one event in your life has made the biggest impact on who you are today?

DB: The death of my mother when I was seven I just strive to make her proud.

718: You’re a New York guy, originally. Do you have an opinion on A-Rod and this whole steroids thing, in general? (Ed. note: This question was asked when this story was topical. Honest.)

DB: Lucky for me I am a METS fan all those Yankees doing steriods. He should have came out sooner people give him credit but I don’t a real man would not try to hide this and if he thinks people are stupid by saying he didn’t know what he was doing the big apple will eat him alive.

718: What about the Marlins and their never-ending quest to get a stadium? Doesn’t look like it’s gonna happen. Personally, I don’t want to live in a city without Hanley Ramirez. What do you think?

DB: Yea I like going to the games but Florida fans need to get out there and go I mean how do you expect to keep a team if you don’t go to the games. They can’t always sell out when New York Mets or Yankees are in town. They need there games to sell out because of the team on the field not the New Yorkers booing them.

718: Ok, so if this whole YouTube thing takes off and you become rich & famous, what’s the first thing you buy?

DB: A house for my Grandma and my Uncle they never owned one before.

718: And if it doesn’t take off, what’s next for Dennis Bunnicelli?

DB: There is no quit I will still do what I do for my fans that I have I will just have to do the 9 to 5 that everyone else has to do to survive.

(You can find Dennis Bunnicelli’s take on everything from football to baby-poisoning at Bunnicelli’s World.)

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You had to use Boca. They always use Boca. Bastards…

But that was a very well done interview. Now I’m gonna have to do some facebook searching to see if he and I have any mutual friends at FAU.

Comment by TattooedMess(iah)

I follow your blog for quite a long time and must tell you that your posts are always valuable to readers.

Comment by Liza

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