The Depressing Lives of Celebrities
March 10, 2009, 11:11 pm
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Last weekend, I was at a club with Dennis Rodman. I wasn’t actually with him, but he walked in and I was standing 10 feet away. After 15 minutes of picture taking and high-fiving, he took the stage and drunkenly jammed out with the cover band. Not very well, I might add. Apparently, he’s there all the time, and his stage takeover is nothing new. And while the mob of people around him yelled and screamed and acted like they had just seen Elvis, I stood off to the side and felt genuinely sad for him.

Here was a 47-year old man, unable to let it go.

For most of us, it’s easy. We go out drinking till 3 in the morning, up until the time we get a real job that requires us to wake up early. We get married, have kids and think back to those days when we used to do crazy things. But we don’t really miss them because we’ve grown up. We no longer crave the attention of the drunk girl at the bar. We have the girl we married. Our kids. Our careers. There’s a very obvious moment when our lives change and we realize that we’re not that person anymore.

Not Dennis Rodman.

It’s probably difficult for someone who’s been in the spotlight his entire life to just give up on the attention whoring. For 14 years, Rodman had fans fawning over him, both on and off the court. But now age has crept up on him, his basketball career is a distant memory and even reality shows are losing his number. It must be hard, because deep down, even he knows that obscurity is just around the corner. That pretty soon, he’ll just be the creepy old man at the club; no different than the guy with the white sports coat, cigar and noticeable bald spot.

I hope, for his sake, he decides to let it go. I hope he pulls a Ricky Williams and finds something spiritual in life that will ultimately have meaning. Because right now, the attention he gets from drunken karaoke at the club is the only meaning his life seems to have.

And I don’t care what kind of celebrity you are… That’s sad.


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His biggest problem is that the first person he married was himself. His second biggest problem is that the second person he married was Carmen Electra.

Maybe if he would’ve dished out a few more elbows and not tried to steal the spotlight from Michael Jordan, MJ would take care of him like he does with Oak.

Comment by TattooedMess(iah)

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