Other People’s Misery Makes Me Happy
March 25, 2009, 11:14 pm
Filed under: Cheaters, Guilty Pleasures, Joey Greco, Your Pitiful Life Amuses Me

One of the greatest shows to ever grace my television is Cheaters. I have no problem ranking it ahead of Different Strokes, Baywatch or even Silk Stalkings. It’s like Cops meets Blind Date… only 100X funnier.

Take the above clip for example; it’s got all the makings of a perfect shit storm. Maybe it’s the seemingly hot girlfriend who’s probably a lot more psychotic than the video lets on. Or maybe it’s mom. Or maybe it’s the overabundance of trailer park cliches. Or the dumpster diving. Okay, fine, it’s absolutely the getaway car at the 6:20 mark.

Whatever it is, this show is like crack for the eyeballs, and Joey Greco is my dealer.

And in case you were wondering, mom, crack makes the perfect holiday gift…


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HOLY CRAP! that was hilarious!

Comment by Kristy

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