Bright Orange Seats Rises Again
April 6, 2009, 9:00 am
Filed under: Bright Orange Seats, WTF?, YouTube

Last year, I started a sports blog. (Yea, I know. There aren’t enough of those out there already.) But, this one was a Marlins blog, and really, there aren’t enough of those out there already.

Sadly, toward the end of the season, when it started getting in the way of my job, I had to let it go. But now it’s back. So, hey, if you wanna read my obnoxious rants about the Marlins–and to a lesser extent, the Dolphins–be sure to head on over to Bright Orange Seats and see what’s up.

Anyway, it’s Monday now, and I’m finally able to drive at night without staring in my rearview mirror without freaking out because someone might be stalking me, so that’s a good thing. Until I see a red pick up truck. Then I’ll crap my pants again.

Let’s get this week started off right… with a video of the world’s craziest tattooed man.


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