Being Sick Has Its Upsides
July 11, 2009, 8:19 am
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One of the great things about being sick is the ability to not give a shit.

Since Michelle and I moved into our new apartment, one month ago, we’ve made sure to keep the place spotless. If there was a plate in the sink in the afternoon, it was cleaned and put away by the time we fell asleep. The kitchen table was always cleared and never looked like someone actually ate there. Even our most used room, the office, had that just-moved-in look to it.

Being clean and neat are charachteristics we take great pride in. My last apartment looked like a chaotic mess because my roommate and I just kinda left things sitting around wherever we felt like leaving them. Two guys living in one apartment never equals a tidy home.

Michelle’s old room in her parents house was even more of a mess. Sure, she’ll tell you it was organized, but it was mostly organized into “this pile of stuff over here” and “that pile of stuff over there.”

So, when we finally moved in together, we decided to change things. And change things, we have. For five whole weeks, our anal-retentive ways had kept this place spotless.

And then, we got sick…

It takes a brave soul to walk into our apartment now. Pillows are strewn about the floor, while half-filled glasses of water and tea occupy every table, desk and countertop. There are two sweaters on the living room couch, a pair of sweatpants laying across the bedroom floor and a t-shirt adorns one of our dining room chairs. I’m not sure how it got there or to whom it even belongs.

If you’re looking for medication, we’ve got you covered. Our kitchen table has transformed from a place to eat into a science lab. The guest bathroom is no longer a bathroom, but a first aid station. The night stand next to the bed? Meds. The kitchen counter? Meds. Both desks in the office? Meds.

And the best part is, we haven’t once worried that the place was a disaster. Fuck it. We’re sick.

Eventually, when we both get better, we’ll begin the task of cleaning up; putting things away, sterilizing everything we’ve touched, etc., etc.. For now, though, we’re a mess.

And we could give a shit.