You Knew This Day Was Coming…
August 11, 2009, 10:41 pm
Filed under: Apartment 718, Closing the Doors, Farewell


They say all good things must come to an end. Well so, too, must the terribly mediocre things.

It seems like I’ve been posting meaningles crap here for the better part of a decade. In reality, it’s been just nine months. (Seriously, you women are amazing creatures. Pregnancy must feel like a fucking eternity.) Still, they were nine very productive months that produced a handful of awesome really good good decent posts and six obligatory chuckles.

Still, after roughly 270 days, the Apartment 718 doors will be closing.

I’ve decided to focus my writing efforts elsewhere. The first place you can find my work, as always, is at Bright Orange Seats. I talk sports and crack jokes and use a bunch of words that your parents probably don’t want you to hear. It’s good times for all.

I’m also working on another project. One that will get the majority of my attention. And while I won’t get into what it is, exactly, I’ll just say that it’s something my mom would be proud of.

To the 3 people who read this on a regular basis, I thank you for the support. To anyone just finding this for the first time, feel free to browse the archive and send me an email. As a token of my appreciation, I leave to you a list of my favorite posts. Enjoy.

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  6. My Love/Hate Relationship with the Dolphins
  7. The One Where I Tell Reebok How Much I Love Them
  8. Clearly, I’m a Huge Dork Who Loves Zelda Way Too Much
  9. My Engagement Party Will Not Be Gay
  10. Holy shit! There’s a Black Guy in Office!
  11. This is How Much I Care About Steroids…
  12. Oh, Hi. My Name is Dennis Bunnicelli
  13. Smoot Takes You Back to His Childhood
  14. Dennis Rodman Depresses Me
  15. The Real Apartment 718 is No More
  16. My Final Meal Will Be Awesome
  17. The 4AM Project or How I Almost Shit Myself
  18. What the Hell is Wrong with the World? Oh, Right. MySpace.
  19. Strippers! Strippers! Strippers!
  20. Disney World is Only for Happy People

And with that, I bid you adieu.