Stop Signs Prevent More Crime Than Cops
February 24, 2009, 10:13 pm
Filed under: Oddly Amusing


A man will leave his house, step into his car and begin his day. He’ll drive 55mph, just as the sign on the side of the road suggests. When in close proximity to a school, he’ll slow down to 15mph. After passing the school, he’ll patiently wait, with his foot on the brake, for the small red light in the middle of the intersection to turn green. He’ll put his right turn signal on as he pulls into the parking lot of a convenience store, navigating the lot to find a space to park, making sure to leave the handicap spots open for those with wheelchairs. After all, you can get a ticket for such things.

And then, he’ll walk inside, shoot the armed guard, the woman behind the counter and the man in isle 3 who was in the middle of picking out a candy bar, in order to pocket the $37 in the register.

The moral: People are more terrified of traffic citations than they are of a lifetime prison sentence.