Where The Hell Have I Been?
June 18, 2009, 10:13 pm
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No writing around here this week. What’s up with that?

Well, for starters, I’ve been swamped at work. Deadlines and piles of work do not lend themselves to a lot of creative writing. The time I have been able to touch fingertips to laptop have been spent over at Bright Orange Seats, where I was asked to do my first radio interview on Tuesday. Yes, it was a lot of fun. And yes, I did milk it for all it was worth. Since then, my traffic has jumped and I’ve been forced to put a little more effort into the site than usual over the last few days.

As for life away from the computer screen, there’s not all that much going on.

This Sunday is my softball championship. I’m not sure if winning that would make me really cool or an unfathomable loser. Losing would obviously provide the easy answer.

Anyway, it’s Friday, and even though I seemed to be slacking off this week, I’ll still leave you with some Dennis Bunni… oh wait. Nevermind.

Watch this instead:

I’m Sorry. There’s Much What-ness?
June 12, 2009, 8:07 am
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Enjoy your weekend. May it be filled with much penis.

Bright Orange Seats Rises Again
April 6, 2009, 9:00 am
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Last year, I started a sports blog. (Yea, I know. There aren’t enough of those out there already.) But, this one was a Marlins blog, and really, there aren’t enough of those out there already.

Sadly, toward the end of the season, when it started getting in the way of my job, I had to let it go. But now it’s back. So, hey, if you wanna read my obnoxious rants about the Marlins–and to a lesser extent, the Dolphins–be sure to head on over to Bright Orange Seats and see what’s up.

Anyway, it’s Monday now, and I’m finally able to drive at night without staring in my rearview mirror without freaking out because someone might be stalking me, so that’s a good thing. Until I see a red pick up truck. Then I’ll crap my pants again.

Let’s get this week started off right… with a video of the world’s craziest tattooed man.

Come On Down!
March 20, 2009, 8:00 am
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Oh hey, it’s Friday. Know what that means? It means I’m stuffing my face with Fuddruckers and you’re watching Dennis Bunnicelli do terrible things to the English language.

I’m really not sure how you survived last week without him, but I promise to never let that happen again. This Friday, Bunnicelli’s World puts two concepts together that should never… ever… ever… be put together. Ever.

Bob Barker and sex tapes.

Now that I’ve successfully killed your appetite, enjoy your weekend of drunken shenanigans. I’ll be out looking for a new apartment. Hopefully the leasing offices understand the importance of my moving into the 18th apartment on the 7th floor, whether it’s vacant or not.

Sometimes I Think YouTube Was A Gift From The Gods
March 16, 2009, 11:42 pm
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Back when I was unemployed, I spent an inordinate amount of time watching Maury Povich. No matter what anyone may tell you, this is not a healthy way to spend your mornings. You really begin to question the direction society is headed.

You also laugh your ass off.

T.O., Ludacris and Sophia Bush. Just Another Friday with Dennis Bunnicelli
March 5, 2009, 11:55 pm
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A few weeks ago, the world seventeen people who read this blog were exposed to the wonderful world of Dennis Bunnicelli. Since then, he’s been a Friday fixture around these parts, as I like to give you all a little entertainment before a hectic weekend of strippers and hangovers.

But really, who is Dennis Bunnicelli?

I had a chance to talk to the man behind the camera, recently, and find out a little about him. (We’re Facebook friends and all.) Turns out, his mom moved him to South Florida when he was a kid, to help him escape the rough streets of Brooklyn. So, like, the Fresh Prince of Boca Raton. He’s going to school right now while working as a manager at the Dollar Tree, but that doesn’t stop him from kicking some YouTube ass and taking time out to answer a few of my questions.

After the jump, Thug Kige tells you why he does what he does, what he hopes to become and how a famous rapper helped him score some ass.

Before the jump, your weekly news update. This time, some NFL news. NA-NANA-NA-NANA!

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Kige Ramsey Is Not Impressed
February 14, 2009, 10:50 am
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Remember everyone’s pal, Kige Ramsey?

Well, there’s a new autistic kid on the block, and his name is Dennis Bunnicelli. Picture Kige, but from the hood.

Bunnicelli delves into the world of sports and entertainment with all the enthusiasm of Kige, but in segments three times as long. So far, I’ve watched his take on Chris Brown, Michael Phelps and Donovan McNabb, and I have a feeling I’ll be scheduling the remaining hours of my weekend around the rest of these videos.